Career Clarity Program

Your guide to career fulfillment and joy.

Job searching without career clarity is the same as hopping in the car without directions. You’ll get somewhere, eventually, but is it really where you want to go? After completing the Career Career Clarity Program you’ll have:

  • Clarity on what's next in your career, based on your passions, skills, value to others, and your unique needs. Don't go another year feeling lost!

  • Your key selling points. What makes you amazing and unique and how you can make sure employers or clients know that.

  • A strategic roadmap for how to get where you want to go instead of dropping applications and hoping for the best.

  • Confidence that you know where you're going, you know your value, and you know you can make this change. Confidence CAN be learned!

  • Templates for your resume, cover letters, networking emails, thank you notes, and more. Put the professional polish on your communications without the headaches.

Two Components - One Powerful Program

  • Online Course

    5 online modules and career coaching exercises. Retain lifelong access to the modules and templates (resumes, cover letters, networking emails, and more) so you can learn at your own pace.

  • Group Coaching

    Join 4 group coaching calls for accountability, support, and expert guidance alongside peers who understand your challenges. Get all your questions answered along the way!


Hear from Becca's Coaching Clients

For anyone feeling stuck!

Hillary L., UI/UX

"Becca's program helped me realize my dream career and how to get there. Her exercises and biweekly Zoom sessions guided me to where I want to be. I recommend Becca for anyone who is "stuck" like I was!"

Worth Every Penny!

Lesley L., Sales Executive

"Becca has provided me with so much clarity on what kind of job I want going forward and how to get there. I have developed so much more confidence in myself and my past work experience because of Becca. Worth every penny!"

Clarity on goals and where I thrive

Colleen I, Communications Manager

"I'm so glad I joined this cohort and took time to go through the exercises. It really helped me understand what I want to achieve with my work and the company culture I thrive best in. "

Love the small group coaching!

Caitlin D., Educator

"Before the Career Clarity Program, I was frustrated in my teaching role and wondering if I needed an entirely new path. Now I'm feeling invigorated that I can work a career in education that incorporates fun, creativity, and variety. I loved getting to hear what other women were interested in and pursuing! The small group aspect was very meaningful to me."

Meet Your Career Coach

Becca Carnahan

Becca is a Harvard-trained career coach and the author of When Mommy Grows Up: A Guide to Parenting Yourself to a More Fulfilling Career. She specializes in helping mid-career professionals (mostly moms!) find more fulfillment and joy in their careers by landing or creating their dream jobs. With over 14 years of career development experience, Becca brings you the effective and efficient strategies she uses with 1:1 clients every day to make an impact. Work and life are interconnected. As a mom of two, Becca gets that, and so every step of the way this program is going to think about your "what's next" holistically. We'll figure out what you (and your family) need and how you can go get it.

This is Your Year for Career Clarity!

Get ready to make a change right now.

  • Start Today!

    As soon as you register, you'll have access to all the online course materials, guides, and templates.

  • Coaching Starts 4X a Year

    Group coaching cohorts kick off in January, April, July, and October. Meet with Becca and your group in four group coaching sessions over eight weeks.

  • Optional 1:1 Coaching

    Add one month of 1:1 career coaching sessions to implement your action plan, review your resume, and accelerate your career change.

Course Curriculum

    1. Start here!

    2. Schedule Your Coaching Calls

    3. Email Communications

    4. Optional: Intro to Group Resources

    1. Let's Get Started!

    2. Managing "The Dip"

    3. Career Clarity Workbook - Download the Writeable PDF

    4. Additional Onboarding Resources

    1. Uncover Your Passions (Part 1)

    2. Uncover Your Passions (Part 2)

    3. Bonus Exercise - 100 Jobs

    1. Uncover Your Skills (Part 1)

    2. Uncover Your Skills (Part 2)

    3. Bonus: Uncovering Standout Skills with Peak Experiences

    1. Value Add Intro - Watch This First!

    2. Uncover Your Value Add (Part 1)

    3. Uncover: Value Add (Part 2)

    1. Career Sweet Spot Examples

About this course

  • $4,000.00
  • 53 lessons
  • 10 hours of video content

Your Investment

Over $1800 in coaching, resources, templates, and more!